Interactive Board Books II

Young children love to interact with books as you read aloud to them. These books are especially helpful for little ones who have trouble settling down to read together… and interactive board books make fun gifts for baby showers and birthdays!

Here are 5 interactive board books that my children liked reading during the last month:

Follow the Trail: Trucks by Dawn Sirett

This is a distinctive book in the interactive character because it has raised, shiny trails that allow children to kinesthetically engage with the book. My preschooler really liked this one! It is also well-designed with great information.


Daddy, Look What I Can Do! by Mack

Originally written and published in Dutch, this is a classic lift-the-flap book that our family liked because it addressed dads, and we’ve already enjoyed lots of board books that address mom. 😉 One on side of the page are amazing nature photographs of wild safari and jungle animals, with a sketched illustration of the baby animal on the next flap. My children liked lifting up the flaps to see what each baby was showing its father it could do.

Red Light, Green Light by Yumi Heo

A fun take on cars, this book highlights common traffic signs from the United States with lift-the-flaps that babies and toddlers love. My two-year old loves this board book!

The Small Seed by Judith Nicholls

Explore science and plant life with your little one! The Small Seed teaches about the stages that a seed goes through until it become a beautiful sunflower, with touch-and-feel pages to help solidify the concepts.

Who’s That? Arctic Animals by Tad Carpenter

A bit more sophisticated than a lift-the-flap book, each page begins with the question Who’s that?, followed by clues related to the arctic animal featured on the corresponding page. What my daughters liked is that all the animals are “hiding” in their habitats and they could find them after listening to the clue and opening the fold-outs.

Best Ages: 0-4 years

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5 Engaging & Interactive Board Books

When I had my first daughter, I was scared to check out paper books at the library because I was afraid she would destroy them. After all, she once ate part of a student’s paper while I was multi-tasking and turned my back to the stack of graded papers on the table! So for a long time, I only checked out board books. In the process, I’ve found lots of fantastic board books to recommend.

Here is a list of 5 interactive board books that allow curious, active and energetic babies to engage with learning and reading without damaging the book. For those of you with babies/toddlers who have difficulty settling down to listen to you read aloud, these are a good starting place to get your child interested.

Best Ages: 0-3 years

  1. What Noise Does a Cow Make? by Nick Ackland

Children learn the noises that farm animals make with fun pull-outs on each page. Colorful and cute!

2. Bizzy Bear Zookeeper by Benji Davies

Follow Bizzy Bear around the zoo as he takes care of the animals. My preschooler and two-year old both loved the unique finger-shaped levers and slides provide fun for young children.

3. Whose Truck? by Toni Buzzeo

This is a wonderful rhyming book with page pull-outs that has some unusual trucks. I definitely recommend this book for any child who is interested in trucks or vehicles and even recommend it for older preschoolers.

4. Rhymoceros by Janik Coat

What a creative idea to use a rhino on each page to illustrate the rhyming words in this book! Many of the illustrations are touch-and-feel. My kids love the “gold” page, while I’m torn between loving “moss” and “quilted” the best. Very unique!

5. Vehicles by Xavier Deneux

Since first stumbling across these books at the library over 3 years ago, I have enjoyed the Touch Think Learn board books. My two-year old loves this particular book in the series, and I like the text. It names each vehicle and words and verbs associated with that vehicle.