Animal Hibernation

Isn’t it fascinating that animals are able to hibernate for weeks on end, sleeping through the coldest and most miserable weather? Depending upon where you live, you might wish for this ability sometimes!

My daughters and I have found a book illustrated with muted oil paintings that display the wonders of nature throughout the seasons, focusing on when bears hibernate for the winter. David Martin’s Shh! Bears Sleeping is a recent favorite read-aloud in our house! While reading it, my preschooler interrupted me at one point to say, “Those words rhyme – bees, trees.” I was so proud of her for recognizing that when I hadn’t pointed it out to her! The rhyming text found in this book is a great addition to a rhyming or poetry exploration in class.

I hope that you and your child/students are able to enjoy this book as fall deepens and winter approaches.

Best Ages: pre-k – 2nd grade

For Parents:

  • Point out rhyming words in the text. Chant with your child pairs of rhyming words from the text (“Day, play, those words rhyme!”)
  • For young children, play the video and song “Where is bear?”

For Teachers:

  • Explain what hibernation is to students. If desired, refer to the information in the back of the book.
  • Have a “hibernation” walk with students in your classroom. Print off pictures of 10 hibernating animals on the outside of a flap, then tape the name of the animal underneath. See if students are able to guess all 10 animals based on their picture. Did they already know that these animals hibernate?
  • Play The Learning Station’s “Science Song”  that includes information about hibernation as well as migration, evaporation and metamorphisis. (Stop at 1:47 if you only want to cover hibernation.)