Preschool Ocean Learning Activity

My children are enthralled by the felt board that our children’s librarian uses each week during story time. So when I came across some colorful felt at the dollar store a couple weeks ago, I picked them up in hopes of creating some fun learning activities for our girls.

Inspiration struck when we were reading aloud the cheerfully illustrated Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins…. We could make felt ocean scenes!


I got out the felt pieces, scissors and a Sharpie, and before long I had made a basic felt ocean scene. For those of you who are more artistically talented than I am, you could let your imagination run wild in creating a more elaborate ocean scene!


After showing my daughters the felt ocean cutouts, they had a bit of free play with them. My preschooler said, “Mom, look how these stick! What makes them stick? There’s no glue.” And my two-year old said, “So cool!”


Then we sat at the table together to re-read the book Hooray for Fish! The girls each had their own ocean felt scene in front of them. At 3 points, I used the text to interact with the felt pieces together:

  1. “Shy fish” – we hid our felt fish behind the seaweed
  2. “Upside down” – we made all of our fish swim upside down, too! (this elicited lots of laughs)
  3. “Kiss, kiss, kiss” – we made our mommy and baby fish kiss

We read the book and used our ocean scenes multiple times because my children got such a kick out of it. For the rest of the day, my preschooler repeatedly pulled out her ocean felt scene and re-enacted the story from the book. That made me smile. 🙂

So check out the book today and create your own ocean scene!

Best Ages: pre-k – kindergarten