Travel with Board Books

Sometimes we can travel to a new place in a book, even with our little ones! Reading books about other countries or sites can help you introduce geography and culture to young children. Here are 3 travel board books that our family has enjoyed reading this winter:

Baby Yosemite by Katherine Brumage

My husband is from Southern California and we have visited Yosemite before – it is stunning! This book has lovely photographs of wildlife in their natural habitats as found in this popular and well-known national park. The text is straightforward for young readers.

W is for Wombat: My First Australian Word Book by Bronwyn Bancroft

Want to go down under? Your child will love the vibrant, bold paintings as you practice the alphabet and learn a bit about Australia. This book contains some unusual new animals and plant life to capture your interest, too.

London: A Book of Opposites by Ashley Evanson

Our whole family enjoyed reading this book together. Many popular tourist attractions are included with the added bonus of learning opposites such as sunny and rainy, old and new, under and over. Great starting point to practice opposites with toddlers or preschoolers.

Best Ages: 0-3 years


Cultured Reads for Little Ones

Here are some of the latest board books our family has read that help introduce various topics to our children, from travel to languages to art.

Happy reading! 🙂

San Francisco: A Book of Numbers by Ashley Evanson

My husband and I traveled to San Fransisco once. We didn’t have a chance to ride on a trolley, but we were able to see many other sites featured in the book, including the Palace of Fine Arts and sea lions from the pier. Lovely book!

Counting on Community by Innosanto Nagara

As we currently live in an urban setting, my family appreciated this read. My favorite line and illustration was “Nine tasty dishes” for a multi-ethnic potluck… We have participated in and thoroughly enjoyed many of those at our diverse neighborhood church!

Sharing with Renoir by Julie Merberg & Suzanne Bober

The most delightful board book I have read with classical artwork! Beautiful paintings by Renoir are appropriately matched with rhyming text to read with young children.

DK Braille: Counting by Fleur Star

My two year old daughter loves the touch-and-feel illustrations in this book, which I find very tasteful and elegant. This book provides a great introduction to Braille and the celebration of communication through various methods.

How Gator Says Good-bye by Abigail Samoun

The “Gator” series is wonderful because it helps children learn how to say words in other languages. This particular book features 8 countries – along with phonetic clues for the pronunciation of “good-bye” in the languages of those countries. Plus, at the end is a world map that shows the location of each country Gator visited.

Best Ages: 0-3 years