Read a Book that Makes a Difference

I was so happy to find a book that really seems to make a difference! One Tree by Leslie Bockol may look similar to other board books out there, but in addition to being printed on 98% recycled materials using soy-based ink, the book contains a sizable amount of text that makes it appropriate for preschool readers.

My preschool daughter asked me to re-read this book many times when we borrowed it from the library. She learned how a tree changes over the seasons, how it provides shelter and food for animals and how one of its seeds turns into a sapling over many years.

There are terrific notes in the back on the topics of “How do Trees Affect Us?” and “Save the Trees!” This is a great springboard for discussions on ecology, environmentalism and conservation with a preschooler.

Out of curiosity, I searched a bit and found that the publisher’s website has more green books, puzzles, games and more! These could make great gifts for birthdays, baby showers or Christmas for environmentally-friendly shoppers.

Happy reading 🙂

Best Ages: 0-4 years old

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