Summer Bike Rides & Means of Transportation

Our family is really into bike rides right now. As in, get in a ride to the park before church and then take another one in the afternoon when everyone wakes up from nap time. 🙂 Even though we live in the city of Chicago, we are close to the lake trail and a neighboring suburb that allow for safe and scenic biking paths. It’s a wonderful way to get fresh air, spend time together as a family and build some exercise into the day – especially my husband, who is pulling two kids in the bike trailer!

A candid shot of our daughters as they got in the bike trailer on Sunday afternoon.

In keeping with our biking craze, my daughters and I are having fun reading Bear on a Bike by Stella Blackstone. It has wonderful rhyming text that follows a pattern through the book, colorful illustrations and a couple of great vocabulary words like “prowl.” I enjoyed taking the opportunity to talk about means of transportation with my children as we read through this book, because Bear doesn’t only ride a bike… He is very creative in how he gets to the market, beach and other places, too!

Best Ages: pre-k – kindergarten

For Parents:

  • Take a bike ride with your child. Think about what you experience as you bike together and talk about it afterward: What did you see? Smell? Hear?
  • Remind your child of basic bike safety such as wearing a helmet and looking both ways before crossing a street.
  • Think of the ways that your family uses transportation to get around. Point it out this week as you ride the bus or train, drive in the car, take a bike ride or a walk. Do you have a favorite way of getting around?

For Teachers:

  • After reading, explain that “transport” means to “move.” Transportation includes all the ways that we move from one place to another. On the white board or easel, write down the means of transportation that your students say they use regularly. These could include the methods Bear used in the book and more!
  • Print out some of these fun (and free!) printables on transportation. Or check out this fun preschool song about transportation.
  • Remind your students of basic bike safety such as wearing a helmet and looking both ways before crossing a street.


5 thoughts on “Summer Bike Rides & Means of Transportation

  1. Sounds like a great book! I love going on walks in our neighborhood with Monkey Boy on his bike! We really want to do some biking/foresting rides, but alas, we’re a little too cumbersome for that these days. I know they’re coming and that’s pretty exciting itself! 🙂


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