All Kinds of Hats

My preschooler is in LOVE with the book Hat by Paul Hoppe. We brought it home from the library on Monday and have read it a million times already. (Okay, that may be a hyperbole.)

I think what she likes about the book is the way Henry, the main character, uses his imagination to think of all the ways he could use a stray hat found on a park bench. As for me, I am always cheering on books that inspire creativity and imagination!

So before we read this book for the hundredth time today, let me ask you a question : What amazing and fun uses can you think of for a hat?

Best Age: prek – kindergarten

For Parents:

  • With your child, pull out hats that your family has in the closet. What do you use them for? Do you like to wear hats or not really?
  • Look at some of the free printable of hats here. Ask your child which hat he/she likes best and why. Print off a couple of pages and color together and jam to this fun, upbeat song!

For Teachers:

  • As a pre-reading activity, show your students a large hat. What could they imagine using that hat for?
  • Read Hat by Paul Hoppe. Discuss all the uses Henry imagined for a hat – which ones were similar to the ideas your class had? Which were different?
  • Play this fun, upbeat song about hats. Allow students to dance, clap and spin around with the animated characters in the video!

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