Mmm… Bacon

These days, everywhere you turn, people are eating bacon and talking about bacon. Bacon-cheddar waffles, chocolate-covered bacon and bacon-wrapped dates… these are all foods that I’ve encountered in the last year. While I prefer to eat turkey bacon, my husband and my children love the real deal. So when I saw the book Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPucchio, I figured it would be a hit at our house. And I was right!

The word play in Everyone Loves Bacon makes it a super fun read-aloud for grown-ups. My children like the book because of the peppy illustrations of all the personified foods in the story. What I like most, though, is how the plot addresses the way that we see ourselves and others with gentle insight and humor.

Consider yourself forewarned: this book may make you hungry for breakfast!

Best Age: kindergarten – 2nd grade

For Parents:

  • After reading Everyone Loves Bacon, ask your child some questions about the way Bacon related to others. How did Bacon feel about himself? How did he feel about others and treat them? Discuss how we strive to treat others, particularly those we call our friends.
  • Cook your favorite breakfast foods for supper one night and re-read the book afterward. Did any of the food you eat show up in the book?

For Teachers:

  • After reading Everyone Loves Bacon, discuss how Bacon treated others. What was his attitude? What was most important to him?
  • Some of Bacon’s friends missed him, while some of the other breakfast meats felt left out. How can we be sure to include others? What are ways you can do that today? (Examples: sitting next to someone at lunch, asking them to play at recess, sharing during center time or free play)
  • Look through the pages at the other breakfast foods featured in the illustrations. Which ones does your family enjoy eating? Which ones provide the most nutrition and which are best to eat less frequently?


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